Michaella Lewis

(615) 801-2922

In real estate, it is important to have an agent with excellent negotiating skills on your side. Prior to becoming a REALTOR, Michaella Lewis honed these skills in the field at an oil and fuel company in Louisiana. She tends to think of herself as a “home therapist” as she is fully invested with her clients, able to navigate both the business and the emotional side when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Michaella currently resides in Spring Hill on a 30-acre farm she has affectionately nicknamed, the “funny farm.” She and her husband have four children, five dogs, and various farm animals that call her farm home. Her family is active in the local community and church, where Michaella and her husband both volunteer.

Michaella is highly passionate about real estate and believes in creating a stress-free experience for her clients with her hands-on approach. By the end of the transaction journey, her clients have become an extension of her “funny farm” family.


Fun Facts

Something about unique about you?

  • I’m passionate about health  and am currently getting certificated as a health and wellness coach

What is your guilty pleasure?

  • It’s embarrassing to say but, reality TV

How many animals are on the Funny Farm?

  • I have five dogs, three horses, two sheep, two goats, and a swarm of ducks and chickens that call the Funny Farm home!